7 February 2015

Tips to boost your SMO strategy.

Everyone is talking about SEO and the impact it can have on a market or a brand. When it comes to online marketing, everyone agrees that visibility and raising awareness is key. But, how can people find your business? Maybe you implemented an amazing SEO strategy and your page is on Google's first results. But have you ever thought about Social Media Optimization? While you are likely to be familiar with Search Engine Optimization, you may still have a lot to learn about Social Media Optimization, which plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong online presence.

What is Social Media Optimization?
You might have guessed, SMO has to do with social networks and the optimization of your posts and articles. The main goal of Social Media Optimization is to strengthen your social media campaigns so that you can reach many potential consumers and build a strong brand reputation. Once you start to post quality content that is shared on multiple channels, your website will be generating a buzz that will cause referral links and maximize your e-visibility. 

Here are some tips that will help you maximize the impact and the conversion rate on your posts:

Pay attention to Headlines.
This is the most important factor in deciding whether your posts are going to be read or not! People are deciding what to read and what not to read on the basis of headlines. When I am referring to social media headlines, both your blog article titles or the opening lines of your social posts are important. Don't underestimate the importance of headlines: it is what will capture the attention and make the difference!

Optimize your profiles.
As the only permanent element of your social media, it is really important to optimize your social media profile. First brand ambassadors, these profiles are representing your business to your market:
1. Make sure you are providing complete information about your business and be sure to post all this information is in an easy to find part so that people can find it easily.
2. Write a clear and captivating description of your business,
3. Maintain a consistency in your image on different social media.

Start adding image to your posts.
According to a recent study done by Adobe and Software Advice, 82% of social media marketers consider images to be an important part of their marketing campaign. There are many ways to incorporate images into your posts on social media: coupons, infographic... Just remember that virtually, anything that can be shared on text can be shared on images too!

Provide both quality and quantity to your social media.
Even if you are providing great headlines and pictures, you won't get far without quality and quantity. You need to make an important effort to post quality content in order to optimize your social campaign. Make sure your posts are adding value to your subscribers. Here is one of the most important parts of SMO!

Stand out from the crowd by adding a real SMO strategy to your business!

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