17 November 2014

The evolution of SEO : What is the next step?

Considered as the most powerful tool in our recent history, Internet has revolutionized significantly our consumption habits and the way we search for information. The World Wide Web is only a little more than twenty years old, but already it is the fastest technological evolution in history. It is today impossible to imagine the world without it and twenty years ago no one could ever imagine that a brand like Facebook could acquire more than 100 million users in just 2 years.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is today the only activity for ensuring that a website or webpage can be found by search engines. It is the only process that can affect significantly the visibility of a website in the long-term. However well known search engines such as Google are constantly reworking their practices, techniques and algorithms, which website creators and webmasters must be aware of to ensure their SEO is up to date and follows the new rules. But what is the next step for SEO?

As search engine algorithms get more and more complicated and specific, SEO techniques and strategies have to cleaner and more adaptable than ever before. What used to work a few years ago is becoming increasingly obsolete and useless. To obtain conclusive results in terms of visibility you must permanently review your strategy and adapt it to the evolution of search engine providers. 

What is the next major step in terms of SEO strategy for your business?
25% of Internet searches are coming from smartphones, and it is interesting to note that these searches involve more and more a geo-localisable aspect. Smartphones have changed the way search engines behave. Why? Because your smartphone provides search engines with your accurate geo-location! And users are increasingly interested in finding things to do or buy around them. This reinforces the importance of local SEO for your business. Customers’ needs are based on their locations, and search engines are more and more aware of this. This is mainly what drives search engine providers’ need for change.

According to a study conducted by Google, 50% of local searches led to a business being contacted by the end-user. Even more impressive, 18% of end-users have made a purchase as a result of this search. In contrast, only 7% of non-localized searches have led to a purchase. Local SEO is the way forward to reach more customers and grow your business!

SEO can nowadays be considered as a complex e-science that allows a business to target internet activities, and adapting local SEO strategies has become essential for companies that operate locally. 
Start now and reach more local customers!


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