13 October 2014

Why is local SEO so important?

When's the last time you used a paper telephone directory? Most likely a long time ago! Since the development of search engines and social networks we have naturally replaced these obsolete methods by using online services and clever smartphone applications to search for content. Earlier in 2012, Google and Ipsos teamed up to conduct a study showing that at least 83% of French smartphone users search for local information using their device. Millions of consumers are using smartphone applications on a daily basis to search for the best local business in their area!

If your business operates in local areas (rather than globally) there is no doubt you can benefit from what is called "local SEO". But few understand exactly what is meant by "local SEO" and how it can benefit your business. Here is a quick explanation of what we mean by "local SEO" and how it can benefit you from today:

Why your business needs local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
First we must understand that achieving SEO at a global scale can be extremely difficult, as competition on keywords is high, and the volume of matching webpages is astronomic. With local SEO you focus your SEO on your own business's geo-location. This means your business web page is identified within a well defined geographical area, rather than on a global scale! The result is that your page is much stronger in local search results. Your page gains greater importance within your business area!

What types of businesses need local SEO?
Any business that operates within a local area of a large city or in a small to medium size city.

Why is local SEO so important for a company?
SEO is essential to get people to find you among the vast volume of existing webpages. It is a useful tool allowing you to increase your business visibility and brand awareness, and treat your e-reputation. By adding a local dimension to your global SEO you categorize your business as a local business. Giving more visibility to customers in your area means you have greater chances of converting them to sales!

Local SEO practice is undergoing fundamental changes and is being considered more and more as an essential tool every business must adopt to grow its online presence and reach valuable customers. It is an opportunity that will allow your company to stay ahead of its competitors. It's time to get on board now!

Grow your business using local SEO and reach local customers: contact our team!


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